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Delivering our mission to give Advisors everything they need in one place - sourcing, lead generation, compliance, customer and introducer portals, management information and so on - everything in one place but also in "modules" so you can have the parts you need. We call it mi-Zone

Homebuyer Systems (HBS) has been innovating and pushing boundaries in the financial services industry since 1994. The starting point with everything we do is form the perspective of the Advisor - what do you actually need and how do you need it? Back in the mid 90's we recognised that as pensions and investments had already been regulated, mortgages has to be next. Previous experience showed that Advisors found compliance difficult - so using our philosophy of working from the Advisor first we built the system that did all the compliance whilst the Advisor went through their natrual sales process. The sales process system e.g HBS Presenter, HBS Lite, HBS protect and Insure all come under the mi-Advisor group of products. All are linked to the online Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system within mi-Advisor. Next we Addressed the needs of the people responsible for the compliance and built a complicant and management system - HBS Compliance Officer. After that we recognised there was no sales process for insurance products so we created HBS Protect and Insure, an all sales process system. Follow the Credit Crunch we saw the need for Advisors to be able to combat the threat of lenders direct products and to introduce a strategy for charging fees, as Procuration Fees alone were not enough anymore. At around the same time we decided to see what we could do to help generate leads from websites, e-mails, social media and from Introducers such as Estate Agents. This spawned mi-Introducer, Best Buys and WebCalc. The latter collectivly known as mi-Lead Gen. To complete the set we recognised that Advisors needed to get closer to their clients and due to the sensitive nature of the information clienct need to provide move this away from e-mail, which can easily be hacked, we launched mi-World. Now our customers provide their customers with their very own, fully secure Client Portal. As you can see our well thought out approach working from the Adviser first and building the systems from there, is not only unique but the best way to work with you.


Adviser/Estate Agent Presentation Video

Lead Generation and Tracking Systems

Automated Business Workflow System

Are you ready to revolutionize your sales process and skyrocket your performance? Look no further than mi-Zone! Our cutting-edge sales management solution brings together the power of organization, automation, data-driven insights, and collaboration to drive unparalleled sales success.

With mi-Zone, you can:

- Streamline and optimize your sales process from start to finish, leaving no opportunity overlooked.

- Empower your sales team to focus on building relationships and closing deals by automating time-consuming tasks.

- Gain valuable insights into lead generation and sales conversion, enabling data-driven decision-making and improved strategies.

- Identify training needs within your team, elevating their skills and boosting overall performance.

- Assign a monetary value to your pipeline, enabling accurate revenue forecasting and effective resource allocation.

- Bring everyone together with a centralized hub that fosters collaboration and alignment.

Experience the power of mi-Zone and witness exceptional results. Don't settle for average sales performance when you can unlock your team's full potential with our comprehensive solution.

Take the first step towards accelerated sales success with mi-Zone. Contact us now and join the ranks of top-performing sales teams who are reaping the rewards of our game-changing solution.

Supercharge your sales, exceed your targets, and leave your competition in the dust. Embrace mi-Zone today and witness the transformation of your sales process.

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Best Buys

The Home Buyer Systems Auto Best Buys application takes the stress out of creating best buy tables, and will show a constantly updating stream of mortgages on your website. All you need to do is copy or embed a link into your website, and the latest best buys will then be displayed & updated automatically! It's that easy. If you would like to change the best buy sections or what mortgage details are shown on your site, you can via the Best Buys system interface. And the best part is when your customer decides they are interested, there's a 'Do I Qualify' link which will send you their details instantly!

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Web Calculator

HBS WebCalc produces leads from consumers browsing Estate Agents websites. It does this by placing an example mortgage repayment against each property. When the customer clicks it they get a 'pop-up' calculator that allows them to change any of the details and see what that produces as a monthly repayment, then request to be contacted. This very simple process ensures that an opportunity that previously would be missed generates income for both Mortgage Broker and Estate Agent.

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Mortgage Sourcing Systems


HBS MMR takes you and your customer through a sales process, that as well as producing Terms of Business, KFI’s, proof of research etc, picks up all the 9 Factors, gaining the customer’s agreement on decisions and “positive choices” where needed

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HBS Lite

HBSLite was launched in April 2008 in response to the problems caused by Lenders "Dual Pricing" i.e pricing their Direct products more cheaply than their Intermediary ones. It was felt that the full blown Home Buyer System (HBS) was going to be more than most Advisors needed to be able to source both Intermediary and Direct products. The cut down version, HBSLite met with all their needs.

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The Mortgage & Insurance sales system that produces the perfect file every time. It does it by providing a system that produces all relevant documentation as the Advisor progresses through the sales process – making a very complex process a simple, straightforward tick box exercise. The sales process has been built taking into consideration the FSA’s Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) requirements and complies with this and all the other requirements of regulation too.

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Mortgage Paraplanner Services

Our Paraplanning Service

Mortgage Paraplanner – “It Takes Me Twice As Long To Get A Case Wrong – As It Takes You To Get It Right?”

This was the response from one of our customers when we asked them what they thought of our service.

So, generally, who is this service for?

  • If you loathe the compliance and administrative burden of mortgages and/or protection – then this service is for you
  • If it seems like Regulators are on a mission to make your life more difficult – then this service is for you
  • If you want to make more money by freeing up time to do more mortgages – then this service is for you.

You may, of course, have your own reasons but essentially most Advisers much prefer to be doing the things that they enjoy the most – that rarely is admin and compliance tasks.

We began Mortgage Paraplanning in 2015. This came about after one of the largest networks in the UK asked us if we would consider adding this service to our existing Wealth Management service.

Mortgage Paraplanning Menu

We found that a menu based service was what people preferred and so you are able to choose (case by case) what you want us to do for you from the following:


Research (Defaqto or Trigold)


DIP Submission

Main Course

Income & Expenditure Analysis

Suitability Letter

Keying and uploading into systems


Application Submission

Protection Suitability and System keying

We provide an online submission and tracking system, mi-Zone, to provide a quick and efficient service. As it is a secure remote access system it meets the GDPR regulations regarding the transfer of client details, this ensures both you and we are covered.

We have no minimum case requirements or set monthly retainer fees, you use us as often as you wish, for whatever you need for each case.

Please feel free to get in touch to discuss your needs and how services can meet them. We look forward to hearing from you.

” Whilst we were unsure at first how this would go we have never looked back and shortly afterwards we added Protection to our services, again purely because we were being asked to do it”

If you would like to speak to one of our agents to see how Paraplanning can benefit your company please call 01730 829829, or simply enter your details below and one of our agents will contact you.

GDPR & Home Buyer's Solution

"This is the largest change to data protection legislation in the last 20 years" - PwC

You are in Financial Services, what don't you know about big challenges!! This time it's different though isn't it?

All the other challenges have been due to Financial Services regulation and therefore you had support from maybe a Network, your outsourced Compliance services, your product providers and so on. GDPR is not financial services regulation, it is not overseen by the FCA, so you may be feeling a lot less prepared than for the other big challenges you have faced.

It's your ICO licence, it's your problem seems to be the general attitude and with the eye watering penalty of 4% of turnover it can't be ignored.

Essentially there are two main areas to address - Data Management and Communications. We are primarily concerned with Communications but it would be impossible not to also address Data Management too.

Our mi-Zone system, with its in-built Client Portal, mi-World, is designed to replace your current e-mail service (Outlook, GMail etc), which can no longer be used to send and receive client details.

So, we have been giving this a lot of thought. We have built our proposition to not only give our customers the tools to overcome the loss of e-mail to work with their clients but we also recognise that this needs to be backed up with well thought through support.

To this end we have produced help facilities within our systems plus interactive guides so you and your client can click through examples (not everyone likes a User Guide!!) and to further bolster that, Explainer Videos.

Not surprisingly with all of this support our customers and their clients are slipping easily in to using the systems and getting on with what will be a post 25th May (GDPR implementation day) relationship.

Big changes need big support and we hope you can see that we can help and guide you through your GDPR challenge and at the same time come out the other side with a superior client proposition - client reaction to having a mi-World Portal has been extraordinarily positive.

GDPR What you need to know



mi-World-the Client Portal

User Guides

How to Use mi-Zone

How to Use mi-World

If you wish to talk to us about any of our services, or products please contact us on :-

Phone : (01730) 829 829 / (01256) 843 983 Fax : (01730) 829 830

Email : enquiries@HomeBuyerSystems.com